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Viktoria Urban

NASA calls for crew members for Mars simulation

NASA is recruiting its first crew members for their one-year analog mission based at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. The analog, planned to launch in autumn 2022 will simulate life on a distant planet. NASA is planning to conduct research to prevent and resolve potential problems that could arise during future manned missions to the Moon and Mars.

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0-G´s Space Jet offers zero-gravity tests on airplanes

0-G Launch is providing “ground-breaking airborne platforms” to allow the space industry to “test and accelerate its technological developments,” said Robert Feierbach, CEO & COO of 0-G Launch. With Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic recently validating commercial space travel and with the space industry growing into a forecasted 1 trillion USD business in the next decade, cheaper platforms

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SpaceLink to test super fast optical connection to ISS

Edinburgh, 4 August 2021. - The Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS) selected SpaceLink for a demonstration of its 10 Gbps optical end-to-end relay service, SpaceLink said. CASIS is the manager of the International Space Station (ISS)´s in-orbit U.S. National Laboratory. The demo will allow the use of a 10 Gbps optical terminal.

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UARX Space choses Dawn Aerospace to propulse its OSSIE space tug

UARX Space has selected Dawn Aerospace to be its satellite propulsion supplier for the first OSSIE Mission of the company. OSSIE (Orbit Solutions to Simplify Injection and Exploration) is a space tug able to transport up to 400 kg of small satellites to custom orbits. The orbital transport vehicle has the capacity to carry a series of mission injector (RAMI) deployers for CubeSats.

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Ariane 5 back to flight with launch of Eutelsat´s Quantum

Eutelsat Quantum, the first sophisticated telecommunication satellite was launched on board of an Ariane 5 on 30th July at 23:00 CEST from French Guiana Space Centre. The launch marks Arianespace’s 6th successful mission of the year. The commercial, fully flexible satellite can be repurposed completely during its time in space thanks to its configurable software-defined design.

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