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Viktoria Urban

Spire Global signs agreement with GHGSat to monitor greenhouse gas emissions

Space-based data, analytics and space services provider Spire Global, entered into a Space Services agreement with high-resolution methane monitoring company GHGSat, to expand its satellite constellation for greenhouse gas emissions monitoring, GHGSat said. According to the agreement, Spire will launch three 16U satellites in 2023 with GHGSat’s payload aboard. 

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NorthStar and Telespazio partnership to provide space domain awareness services

Information and intelligence platform provider NorthStar Earth & Space (NorthStar), and satellite operator Telespazio, a joint venture between Leonardo (67%) and Thales (33%), have entered into a Distribution and Partnership Agreement (D&PA) to strengthen cooperation on delivering solutions to greatly enhance European Space Domain Awareness initiatives, the companies said.

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Astrobotic acquires Masten Space Systems

Astrobotic has acquired space technologies company Masten Space Systems, providing suborbital payload testing services, including a heritage of more than 600 vertical takeoff and landing (VTVL) rocket flights, Astrobotic said. The two companies have a combined workforce of more than 200 employees, who will continue operations at two sites.

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Rocket Factory and ESA sign Boost! program contract

Launch services company Rocket Factory Augsburg AG (RFA), signed a contract with the European Space Agency (ESA) under ESA's Commercial Space Transportation Services and Support program, Boost!, Rocket Factory said. Both parties aim for the commercialization of European space transportation, challenging current processes.

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Ramon.Space and Kythera Space Solutions form partnership

Space-resilient computing infrastructure provider Ramon.Space, and dynamic management systems provider Kythera Space Solutions, have partnered to deliver highly dynamic and flexible communications payload solutions, Ramon.Space announced at the World Satellite Business Week 2022. The partnership leverages Kythera’s Operating System as well as Ramon.Space’s space computing platform. 

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Blue Origin’s NS-23 flight suffers anomaly

Blue Origin’s New Shepard-23 (NS-23) uncrewed payload mission encountered an issue when the booster failed, which caused a fire and a subsequent ground impact. The capsule escape system successfully separated the capsule from the booster, no injuries were reported. The company is currently examining what caused the anomaly.

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