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Ramon.Space and Kythera Space Solutions form partnership

Ramon.Space’s logo. Credit: Ramon.Space

Edinburgh / Paris, 13 September 2022. – Space-resilient computing infrastructure provider Ramon.Space, and dynamic management systems provider Kythera Space Solutions, have partnered to deliver highly dynamic and flexible communications payload solutions, Ramon.Space announced at the World Satellite Business Week 2022. The partnership leverages Kythera’s Operating System as well as Ramon.Space’s space computing platform. 

Ramon.Space’s computing platform offers channelization, beamforming, regeneration, beam hopping, spectral analysis, interference mitigation, and geolocation, among others. It is designed for operations at geostationary Earth orbit, medium Earth orbit and low Earth orbit. The technology is space-resilient, and provides dynamic control over mission operation capabilities.

The platform will be managed and optimised by Kythera’s Operating System (KOS), enabling dynamic and autonomous operations. Due to the partnership, customers will also be able to integrate with the operator’s network assets and expand to support a hybrid space architecture.

Ramon.Space’s advanced processor will be able to host and execute KOS modules while in orbit, the company said. This allows for real-time operations in orbit, increasing performance and flexibility. 

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