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#SpaceWatchGL Summer Listening Series: Week Five – Women in the Space Sector

By Torsten Kriening, Publisher of SpaceWatch.Global

Greetings, SpaceWatchers, and welcome to Summer Listening Week Five!

September is upon us, and as our gaze shifts towards the stars during those warm, clear nights, SpaceWatch.Global brings you its fifth and final collection of the Summer Listening Series. Based on the vote by our newsroom, we have mapped out an interstellar journey across five categories. After “Moon and Exploration,” “Climate – Space – Earth,” “Trendsetters,” and “Space Debris and Regulations”, this week is the turn of  “Women in the Space Sector”.

To accompany this week’s theme, we’ve curated a Top 10 Spotify playlist that promises to take you on about the outstanding work of women in the space sector, from role models to class ceilings through a mix of audio stories and exciting interviews. This playlist encapsulates the opportunities, challenges, and true potential that Space has for everyone!

Whether you are a scientist, a curious space explorer, or someone simply looking for a summer listen, there’s something in this collection for everyone. Let yourself be inspired, maybe educated about “Women in the Space Sector”.

Remember, this is just the fourth collection in our five-week series. Stay tuned for more!

Here are our top 10 for the category “Women in the Space Sector”: 

Space Café Podcast Episode 016 Featuring Pamela Melroy Is Now Available

Space Café Radio – from GLOC in Oslo – with NASA’s Susie Perez Quinn, Dr. Karen St. Germain and Dr. Kate Calvin

The Space Café Podcast #75: Midge Goldberg: Exploring the Intersection of Space Science and Poetry

The Space Café Podcast #82: Anousheh Ansari – Space Entrepreneur, XPRIZE, and the Future of Exponential Technologies

The Space Cafe Podcast #054: Ane Aanesland, CEO of ThrustMe – A life between new propulsion technologies and Arctic adventures.

The Space Café Podcast #80: Shawna Pandya – Physician, Astronaut Candidate, Martial Artist, and Space Medicine Innovator

The Space Café Podcast #74: Carissa Christensen of BryceTech talks commercial potentials in the space industry and its latest innovations

The Space Café Podcast #84: Barbara Belvisi – Cultivating Life Beyond Our Planet, CEO & Founder @ Interstellar Lab

The Space Café Podcast #062 – Laura Todd, Vice President of Space Exploration and Future Programs at Airbus

The Space Cafe Podcast #25: Alice Gorman – Space Archaeologist and why Elon Musk will never call her back.

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