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Over 6,500 attend IAC 2021 in Dubai

The 72nd International Astronautical Congress (IAC 2021), organised by the International Astronautical Federation (IAF), held in the Middle East for the first time and hosted by the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center (MBRSC) ended on Friday. Over 6,500 delegates from more than 110 countries attended the “Inspire, Innovate & Discover for the Benefit of Mankind” themed event.

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Space Café Germany by Andreas Schepers Recap: Matthias Maurer on his way to the ISS

ESA astronaut Matthias Maurer will launch to the International Space Station ISS for the first time on Sunday, 31.10.2021. We had the opportunity to talk to him from Houston about the final preparations for his mission, the differences between Russian and American spacesuits, Extravehicular Activities and his experiments.

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#SpaceWatchGL Opinion:Space Marketing: Competing in the new commercial space industry

In the past few months, the space industry experienced some new milestones. Civilian astronauts launched into space. Richard Branson flew Virgin Galactic on July 11, 2021. Jeff Bezos flew with Blue Origin on July 20, 2019, and a second flight on October 13, 2021, with the iconic William Shatner. SpaceX’s Inspiration4 launched on Sept 15, 2021,

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Register Today For Our Space Café Germany by Andreas Schepers On 22 October 2021

Der nächste Deutsche im All - ein Gespräch mit Matthias Maurer und Reinhold Ewald. Am 30. Oktober soll ESA-Astronaut Matthias Maurer an Bord eines SpaceX-Raumfahrzeugs zur ISS starten. Wir hatten vorab die Gelegenheit, mit Matthias Maurer über seine letzten Vorbereitungen vor dem Flug, die wesentlichen Unterschiede zwischen der Crew-Dragon und der Sojus

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Change of command and new crew on ISS

Thomas Pesquet became commander of the ISS this week, taking over from JAXA astronaut and fellow Crew-2 member Akihiko Hoshide. Thomas will hold this role until before Crew-2 return to Earth in November. He is the fourth European and the first French commander of the ISS. Pesquet accepted his new position during a traditional ceremony of a key being handed over to him by Hoshide.

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