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Joshua Faleti

mu Space Partners OneWeb for Connectivity in Mainland Asia

mu Space has reached an exclusive deal with OneWeb to provide Low Earth Orbit (LEO) connectivity solutions across mainland Southeast Asia including Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Malaysia this year. The deal aims to provide internet connectivity to underserved remote areas. With mu Space being a player in Mainland Southeast Asia's aerospace industry, the company intends to provide satellite internet connectivity to remote areas for both commercial and civil governmental use.

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White House OSTP Releases Priorities for National Aeronautics

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) has released the Biden-Harris Administration’s priorities to advance a vision for America’s continued global leadership in aeronautics. Federal aeronautics experts, with input from leaders across academia, non-profit, and commercial sectors, developed the National Aeronautics Science and Technology Priorities. The priorities outline activities to maintain the nation’s edge, both in the global aeronautics industry and in national security applications, which requires focus and investment today.

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E-Space secures landing rights from Nigeria

E-Space has received Nigerian landing rights for E-Space’s impending low Earth orbit (LEO) constellation from the Nigerian Communications Commission. The E-Space satellite system will provide communications services and connect Internet of Things (IoT) devices throughout Nigeria in many of the hardest-to-reach parts of the country, particularly those areas currently unserved by terrestrial providers.

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Satcoms Innovation Group Announces 2023 Award Winners

The Satcoms Innovation Group (SIG) has announced the winners of the 2023 SIG Awards. The awards celebrate the standout innovative technologies and solutions from individuals, companies, and institutions within the SIG membership. This year’s winners are Ashram (Engineering Program Manager, Micro-Ant), Atheras Analytics' SGD Design Tool, Digital Intermediate Frequency Interoperability (DIFI) Consortium, and Valentin Eder (Space Analyses). The categories were: Cooperation of the Year, Innovation of the Year, and Young Engineer of the Year.

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Northrop Grumman Launches Final C-Band Satellites

Two C-band Northrop Grumman Corporation satellites have successfully launched. The launch will enable SES to achieve another milestone of the Federal Communications Commission’s program to clear C-band spectrum to enable wireless operators to deploy 5G services across the U.S. (CONUS) and to continue delivering uninterrupted TV, radio, and critical data transmission services to millions of Americans.

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Virgin Orbit Halts Operations Amidst Financial Uncertainty

Virgin Orbit

Virgin Orbit has paused its operations and furloughed its staff for at least a week in the event of recent financial challenges. According to a statement the Company released on March 15, Virgin Orbit said it was instituting an “operational pause” across the company, which includes furloughing staff. A Company spokesperson stated that the launch vehicle company is initiating a company-wide operational pause, effective March 16, 2023, and anticipates providing an update on go-forward operations in the coming weeks. 

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Aalyria and RSN Partner for RSN’s LEO Constellation


Aalyria and Rivada Space Networks (RSN) have entered into an agreement to use Aalyria’s Spacetime platform to orchestrate the network for Rivada’s planned LEO constellation. Rivada’s constellation will consist of 600 satellites interconnected via laser links. As a result, the solution will offer integrated core and edge connectivity over a single, global private network in space. The first satellite launch is set for 2025, with global service starting in 2026.

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