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Airbus Wins Angola Contract for Earth Observation satellite

Artist view of S250 optical in orbit. Credit: Airbus

Ibadan, 6 March 2023. – Airbus Defense and Space has announced an agreement for Angeo-1, the first very high-performance Angolan Earth observation satellite, which it will develop in France. Furthermore, the agreement will strengthen the collaboration between the two countries. Airbus will offer a comprehensive training program for Angolan engineers to build domestic competencies through targeted knowledge transfer as part of the partnership.

An Airbus S250 optical satellite, Angeo-1 will be an advanced satellite in its class in the region, positioning Angola as a leading space power. Angola has already developed various operational applications using satellite imagery from Airbus Defense and Space, such as land use mapping, agriculture monitoring, and maritime surveillance, and also operates its telecommunications satellite, Angosat-2.

Jean-Marc Nasr, Head of Space Systems at Airbus, said: “As Angola’s strategic partner for space, Airbus will deliver a latest-generation Earth observation satellite to support social and economic development, including a range of strategic activities such as urban planning and management of precious mineral resources.”

The satellite will further foster the country’s development in many different sectors, improving the life of Angolan citizens. Furthermore, sovereign access to satellite imagery will significantly contribute to the development of infrastructure, mapping of natural resources, and maritime surveillance, including fisheries, agriculture, and population. It will also provide a better understanding of the origins and impacts of climate change on the economy, such as drought monitoring, rising sea levels, and water resources. This will result in better preparation for natural disasters with improved response rates and reduced loss of assets.

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