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OffWorld Expands into Luxembourg for Space Mining

Credit: OffWorld

Ibadan, 6 March 2023. – OffWorld has expanded into Luxembourg, appointing former ispace CEO, Kyle Acierno, to run its European Headquarters. The Company aims to reinvent the mining, manufacturing, and construction industries by developing a new generation of AI-powered robots able to withstand extreme conditions. It is now adapting its technology for the mining of resources in Space.

The new OffWorld Europe branch will conduct research into lunar regolith processing and begin the design and development of its robotic workforce. Furthermore, OffWorld Europe will begin its first program on a multi-year program that focuses on developing and deploying modules for extracting and storing oxygen and hydrogen from volatiles and water deposits at the lunar surface. This will include mating modules to OffWorld’s robotic technologies for cohesive lunar deployment.

Speaking on the expansion, Jim Keravala, OffWorld Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, said: “We have been proving our AI and robotic systems with the mining industry on Earth, and our goal has always been to eventually expand our services to other celestial bodies, so OffWorld Europe has really been years in the making and I am glad to finally open our doors.”

Likewise, Kyle Acierno commented: “I am honored to take on the role of Managing Director of OffWorld Europe and to work alongside an incredible team of experts dedicated to pushing the boundaries of exploration on Earth and in Space. Our focus on the extraction and processing of lunar volatiles and our cutting-edge autonomous robotic technologies will pave the way for a sustainable future for humanity beyond Earth.”

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