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CesiumAstro Wins SDA Award to Advance AESA Development

Credit: CesiumAstro

Ibadan, 3 March 2023. – CesiumAstro has announced that it won a contract through the Department of Defense’s (DoD’s) Space Development Agency (SDA) to advance the company’s multi-beam L-band active electronically scanned array (AESA) antenna. Building upon prior efforts, CesiumAstro will continue developing the Link 16–compatible AESA ahead of the agency’s migration to the Proliferated Warfighter Space Architecture (PWSA) global satellite network, the LEO-based satellite constellation built to enable key DoD space capabilities.

As a result of winning the contract, CesiumAstro will focus on optimizing the antenna to support U.S. and allied military forces’ common operating picture across the global battlespace. Furthermore, the company’s experience with active phased array technology will allow it to move quickly to fulfill SDA’s Transport Layer mission requirements.

Speaking on the award, Shey Sabripour, founder and CEO of CesiumAstro, commented, “This award spotlights the upcoming advancements in national security made possible by software-defined active phased array antennas. Providing SDA with a multi-beam array increases architecture flexibility and capacity for enhanced theater coverage.”

In the same vein, Trey Pappas, Vice President of Business Development at CesiumAstro, also added, “Our modular solution scales to support a wide variety of missions. As a retired Marine Corps aviation officer, I greatly appreciate this capability as a game-changer to adapt the Transport Layer to fully support tactical users across the globe.”

CesiumAstro’s flat panel AESA will strengthen SDA’s information and decision advantages by using multiple beams to connect satellites to dispersed users simultaneously, disseminating critical information to the warfighter faster. Further, the antenna directs beams without physically moving or requiring the movement of a satellite and is software-defined to enable reprogrammable, “on the fly” adaptability to dynamic battlefields.

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