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Redwire Wins NASA’s Mars Commercial Service Study

Credit: Redwire

Ibadan, 6 May 2024. – Redwire has won a study contract for Design Reference Mission (DRM) 3 of NASA’s Mars Commercial Services program, which outlines a commercial imagery mission to support lower-cost, higher-frequency missions to the Red Planet. While currently in a study phase, the program will eventually expand into service contracts for products from operational assets.

In Redwire’s commercial services concept, the Company will own the mission’s spacecraft and sell imagery data products to NASA and other Government or commercial entities to help foster a Mars economy. Upon deployment, Redwire’s spacecraft will immediately bring value to customers and help drive the expansion of Mars surface activities. Redwire’s high-resolution imagery can also support observational science investigations, landing site selection and hazard assessment, change detection, and monitoring and planning for surface assets.

Redwire is leveraging existing technology to deliver value to the program. The imaging payload utilizes the existing Redwire Argus platform, which has flight heritage and is slated for multiple upcoming missions, including Blue Origin’s Blue Ring platform. Redwire also has significant deep space heritage, with experience ranging from providing the vision and navigation systems for Orion for Artemis I-V to decades of successful sun sensors and star trackers on missions such as Mars Surveyor, MRO, Mars Pathfinder, and Europa Clipper.

Speaking on the award, Kari Abromitis, Redwire Senior Project Engineer, said, “Commercial access to Mars is a necessary step in humanity’s expansion into space as industry solutions dramatically lower the cost of missions, setting the stage for more frequent robotic access and eventual human presence. Redwire’s eventual imagery of the Red Planet will result in better science and mission planning, as well as awe-inspiring views of our solar system.”

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