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Danti Announces Successful Closure of Seed Funding Round

Credit: Danti

Ibadan, 7 May 2024. – Danti has announced it has raised $5M in a Seed round led by Shield Capital. Also participating are existing investors Tech Square Ventures, Humba Ventures and Leo Polovets, Space.VC, and Radius Capital. The Company is developing an AI Data Analyst that can answer questions about any place and time instantly.

Danti has now deployed its technology across Government customers to support them in their missions. Furthermore, users can access data and analysis across both Government and commercial sources, including satellite imagery, computer vision-based analytics, reports, news, social media, shipping data, global events, and active fires.

The company has also gained traction with early customers, including the United States Space Force, who use the company’s product to enable Guardians and Airman to easily search, discover and share data sets coming in from across the planet. Danti’s technology is supporting Space Systems Command’s TacSRT effort to ongoing events and operations around the world.

Danti founder and CEO Jesse Kallman commented, “There is a massive data overload, distribution, and knowledge gap problem that companies and governments alike are facing. We founded Danti to help users make sense of that data.” The CEO also added, “By leveraging AI and natural language processing, users of any skill level can now connect up large volumes of information, across systems, types and formats to get complete answers in a matter of seconds. We provide users with an AI Data Analyst at their fingertips.”

Martice Nicks, Co-founder and CTO of Danti, also added, “Our approach connects our team’s long history in building and delivering enterprise data systems for commercial and U.S. federal customers and applies that subject matter expertise to developing an AI data analyst that can take questions and interpret many different data sources into context-bound, semantically relevant answers.”

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