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Space Cafè Radio – ispace and the Japanese space journey

Takeshi Hakamada. Credit ispace

This episode features an interview with Takeshi Hakamada, the founder and CEO of ispace, discussing Japan’s significant role in lunar exploration, following the news that Japan will be the first country to send non-Americans to the Moon. Takeshi shares insights on their upcoming Mission 2, scheduled to launch this winter, focusing on lunar surface exploration using micro rovers. Additionally, he discusses the lessons learned from Mission 1, particularly in software development for landing. Takeshi also provides details on their future missions, including Mission 3, designed for commercial payloads, demonstrating a shift towards commercial lunar missions. ispace, Takeshi highlights building international partnerships for space resource utilization and emphasizing the importance of collaboration in the evolving space industry landscape. Final geopolitical question: How is the relationship with China? It’s complicated, Takeshi says.

Space Café Radio brings you talks, interviews, and reports from the team of SpaceWatchers while out on the road. Each episode has a specific topic, unique content, and a personal touch. Enjoy the show, and let us know your thoughts at [email protected].

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