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#SpaceWatchGL Column: Dongfang Hour China Aerospace News Roundup 23 Nov – 29 Nov 2020

As part of the partnership between SpaceWatch.Global and Orbital Gateway Consulting we have been granted permission to publish selected articles and texts. We are pleased to present “Dongfang China Aerospace News Roundup 22 Nov – 29 Nov 2020”.

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#SpaceWatchGL Opinion: A Space programme for the Nobel Peace Prize? – the answer might surprise you…

Very recently I overheard a conversation that went like this – “our programme has been operating in space for over 20 years and includes the key international space agency partners. It is an inspiration for our young and has done more for global peace than any other space project on Earth.

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#SpaceWatchGL Opinion: Launching Into the New Decade

The first year of the 2020s has been nothing if not very memorable. A global pandemic, political turmoil, and rapid technological development coming from and also helping to propel these changes. Flying somewhat more under the radar, however, has been the year in Chinese launch. 2020 has seen billions of Yuan poured into companies, has seen a plethora of engine tests and other technological steps forward, and government support for the growing crop of launchers.

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