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KSAT Expands Global Ground Network

KSAT is currently installing four new antennas in Antarctica, expanding its capacity in the U.S. by adding multiple antennas in Hawaii, Alaska and the Southeast, and also expanding its footprint through partner networks. These antennas will add to KSATs current network with systems that will meet its new entrants and legacy operators' unique needs. Expanding Ka-band systems will also provide increased flexibility for missions requiring high-bandwidth communications.

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#SpaceWatchGL Share: Four Misconceptions About Ocean Weather Forecasts

SpaceWatch.Global has been granted permission to publish this "Four Misconceptions About Ocean Weather Forecasts", originally published 10 September 2021 at Spire Blog by Maureen Thom. Water never sits still. Earth’s water cycle keeps water moving from place to place and from one form to another

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Kongsberg opens new Ka-band antenna at Antarctica

Kongsberg Satellite Services (KSAT), provider of space-ground network and Earth observation (EO) services, has opened a new Ka-band antenna at its Antarctic station Troll, the company said. The antenna is part of the KSATlite network and will augment KSAT's Ka-band polar network to eight antennas by the end of the year, the company said.

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