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Starship Successfully Launches and Makes Controlled Reentry

Starship gliding

SpaceX has successfully launched its Starship rocket on its fourth flight test, clearing all previous milestones with both the Super Heavy booster and the Starship second stage making a soft splashdown. The booster’s flight ended with a landing burn and soft splashdown in the Gulf of Mexico seven minutes and 24 seconds into the flight. Meanwhile, Starship ignited its three-center Raptor engines to execute the first flip maneuver and landing burn for the first time, before soft splashing in the Indian Ocean one hour and six minutes after launch.

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Chang’e-6 Completes Lunar Rendezvous in Time for Home Trip

The Chang'e-6 moon probe's ascender module has completed its rendezvous and subsequently docked with the orbiter and returner assembly in the lunar orbit. The lunar samples then transferred to the returner module in preparation for its journey back to the Earth. On June 2, the Chang'e-6 lander and ascender assembly, with the support of the Queqiao-2 relay satellite, successfully landed in the landing area in the South Pole-Aitken Basin on the moon's South Pole.

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Ariane 6 Rocket Targets July 9 for Inaugural Launch

Ariane6 task force

The Ariane 6 Task Force, including ESA Director General Josef Aschbacher, ArianeGroup CEO Martin Sion, CNES CEO Philippe Baptiste and Arianespace CEO Stéphane Israël have announced that it is targeting July 9 for the inaugural launch of the Ariane 6 rocket. The Task Force made the announcement at the ILA Berlin Air Show in Germany. Walther Pelzer, Director General of the German Space Agency at DLR, was also present at the announcement.

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Starliner Mission Launches NASA Astronauts to the ISS

Atlas V launches Boeing Starliner

The Boeing Starliner Mission has successfully launched its first crewed flight test after three postponements, aboard an Atlas V rocket from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida. The mission launched NASA astronauts Butch Wilmore and Suni Williams into orbit and are bound to the International Space Station (ISS). Starliner will subsequently autonomously dock to the station’s Harmony module and remain at the orbital laboratory for about a week

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Revolv Space Announces Successful Funding Raise

Revolv Space

Revolv Space has raised an investment of 2.6 million euros to revolutionize small satellite capabilities through high-performance mechanisms and power systems. The investment round, which Primo Space Fund led, with participation from Takeoff, will significantly accelerate the company’s growth trajectory. It will also enable the upcoming In-Orbit Demonstration of Revolv Space’s flagship product, SARA, an autonomous and fail-safe Solar Array Drive Assembly that increases the performance of small satellites

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ILA 2024 – Morning Show with Dr Emma Gatti and Torsten Kriening – 5 June 2024

SpaceWatch.Global's team, Dr. Emma Gatti and Torsten Kriening, broadcast live from the DLR booth in Hall 4 of the ILA Airshow 2024 Berlin/Brandenburg. They covered the day's important events, ILA weather, comment on the program, and help you find your way through the event. And if you do not attend, you will still grasp a bit of the flair and what's going on in Brandenburg.

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#SpaceWatchGL Geopolitics – Give UNOOSA (and Portugal) a chance

The “Management and Sustainability of Space Activities Conference” took place in Lisbon, on May 14 and 15, 2024, totalling over 15 hours of talks. A joint event organized by Portugal with UNOOSA (United Nations Office for Space Affairs), this conference was also intended to contribute to the discussion on the space sector at the upcoming United Nations Summit of the Future in September 2024. Besides featuring experts' discussion on the importance of international cooperation and regulations in managing and sustaining outer space activities, a key merit of this conference is to have allowed members states that aren’t dominant space powers to showcase their initiatives. Let’s find out.

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MDA Space Joins Starlab as Strategic Partner and Equity Owner

voyager space

Starlab Space LLC (Starlab Space), the global joint venture between Voyager Space, Airbus, and Mitsubishi Corporation, has welcomed MDA Space Ltd., a trusted mission partner to the rapidly expanding global space industry, as a strategic partner and equity owner in Starlab Space. The Starlab US-led partnership continues to expand, extending the joint venture's global reach into Canada.

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ESA Announces RFI Towards European Launcher Challenge

Vega VV23 on launch pad. Credit ESA/Arianespace

In preparing for the European Launcher Challenge, the European Space Agency is reaching out to European launch service providers through a Request for Information. The European Launcher Challenge is a unique opportunity to participate and play an important role in shaping the future of Europe's access to space. ESA Member States will consequently decide on the exact parameters of the Challenge and fund it at the ESA ministerial Council in 2025

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