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UKSA Announces New Headquarters and Regional Offices

The location of the UK Space Agency’s new headquarters. Credit: UKSA

Ibadan, 26 March 2024. – The UK Space Agency (UKSA) is opening new headquarters in Harwell, Oxfordshire and regional offices in Scotland, Wales and the Midlands as it works to support the space sector across the UK.

Aligned with the UK Government’s Levelling Up strategy, the expansion will enable the Agency to collaborate more closely with the UK’s thriving space sector while promoting regional skills and job opportunities to deliver increasingly ambitious missions and capabilities.

The new HQ at Harwell is due to open in June, while offices at William Morgan House in Cardiff and Space Park Leicester will open in April, with the office at Queen Elizabeth House in Edinburgh opening later in the summer. Meanwhile, the agency will retain its offices in London and Swindon.

The new structure will consequently create significant opportunities to build on high-growth areas, such as Earth Observation and satellite broadband. It will also help the UK establish early leadership in emerging markets such as in‑orbit spacecraft servicing, active space debris removal, and the new lunar economy, enabling us to help forge a greener, smarter and more inclusive sector.

Speaking on the development, Dr Paul Bate, CEO of the UK Space Agency, said: “Our new headquarters, located at the UK’s biggest space cluster in Harwell, will connect to regional offices in Edinburgh, Cardiff, and Leicester and our existing London and Swindon teams, helping us recruit space talent from across the nation and deliver the National Space Strategy.”

Similarly, Andrew Griffith MP, Minister for Space at the Department for Science, added, “Harwell’s Space Cluster is already a hub of collaboration with more than 100 thriving research organizations and 1,400 jobs, making it the ideal location for the UK Space Agency’s new headquarters.”

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