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Lithuania Becomes Latest Signatory to the Artemis Accords

NASA x Lithuania

Lithuania has become the latest and 40th signatory to the US-led Artemis Accords, joining NASA and the international coalition in pursuit of safer space exploration. The ceremony took place at the Radisson Blu Lietuva hotel in Vilnius, Lithuania, and signifies a continued push toward transparency and peace as more nations traverse farther into space. United States

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The Exploration Company Appoints Kirasich as VP US Operations

The Exploration Company

The Exploration Company has announced the appointment of Mark Kirasich as its VP of US Operations to further strengthen the company's position in the industry, especially for the NASA certification of its vehicle, and its growth towards lunar missions and human space flight. Mark Kirasich will consequently oversee all aspects of the company's operations in the United States. Furthermore, his extensive background in human spaceflight, flight operations and lunar vehicles will be instrumental in driving the company's growth in the USA.

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Starliner Now Targeting May 21 Launch After Helium Leak

Boeing has announced another postponement of its Starliner mission until at least May 21 as it addresses a small helium leak in the Starliner spacecraft itself. NASA and Boeing had earlier postponed the mission's launch to May 17 following a data review which saw United Launch Alliance (ULA) decide to replace a pressure regulation valve on the Atlas V rocket’s Centaur upper stage.

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The Space Café Podcast #106: Dr Mark Clampin – NASA Astrophysics Director Discusses the Agency’s Future, Habitable Worlds, Starships, and Life Beyond

In Episode 106 of the Space Cafe Podcast, host Markus engages with Dr. Mark Clampin, astrophysics director at NASA. They discuss the significant advancements and future plans in space exploration, capturing the raw ambiance of a busy evening in Austin, Texas, during the South by Southwest festival (SXSW)... Guest Background: Dr. Mark Clampin has an extensive career in space science, particularly noted for his work with the James Webb Space Telescope. His insights shed light on the complexity and achievements of current space missions and what the future holds for NASA.

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Axiom Space and Virgin Galactic to Send Turkish Astronaut to Space

Tuva Atasever and Axiom Space

Axiom Space has partnered with Virgin Galactic to send Axiom Mission 3 (Ax-3) backup and Turkish Space Agency (TUA) astronaut Tuva Atasever on a suborbital flight on June 8 to conduct microgravity research. As a result, Atasever will become the second Turkish astronaut in his nation’s history after participating in the Galactic 07 flight to expand Turkey's endeavors in space.

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Infinite Orbits Announces Successful Fundraising Round

Infinite Orbits has concluded its first fundraising round, raising €12M in a round which Newfund Capital led. The round also saw participation from the EIC Fund, IRDI Capital Investissement and Space Founders France (a CNES venture arm). The closing of this round demonstrates confidence in Infinite Orbits’ vision and marks an important confirmation of the Company’s roadmap.

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Marble Imaging and Reflex Aerospace to Deploy EO Satellite Network

Marble Imaging

Marble Imaging has announced its partnership with Reflex Aerospace to develop the first of up to 200 advanced satellites, towards revolutionizing the Earth Observation industry. The Satellite fleet aims to address the urgent need for Earth Observation capabilities, strengthening sustainability by supplying real-time insights through very-high-resolution (VHR) imagery, Furthermore, Marble Imaging aims to be the leading European EO company capturing images of the entire planet every day in very-high-resolution (VHR). 

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