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Global Collaboration to Launch COSPAR Satellite 

COSPAR logo. Credit COSPAR
COSPAR logo. Credit COSPAR

London, 18 May 2023.- Australian company HEX20 has announced today that it is collaborating with various partners to launch the COSPAR Satellite. HEX20 will be working with the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics, National Central University Center for Astronautical Physics and Engineering, Laboratoire Atmosphères, Milieux, Observations Spatiales, and SKYROOT Aerospace. This collaborative effort has been made possible with the coordination and support of the Committee on Space Research (COSPAR).

“The expertise and resources of HEX20, LASP, NCU CAPE, LATMOS and SKYROOT have combined to make this project a reality,” says Lloyd Lopez, CEO of HEX20. “We are proud to be working together to contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge and exploration.”

The satellite aims to study various aspects of Earth’s atmosphere, including atmospheric dynamics and chemistry, as well as the effects of space weather on our planet. The satellite will provide data to support weather forecasting and climate modelling.

Jean-Claude Worms, COSPAR Executive Director, stated that they initiated a Task Group to develop a constellation of small satellites for space science missions dealing with the ionosphere, radiation belts or the Earth atmosphere, with the potential to extend in the future to solar system planetary missions. COSPAR will co-ordinate the programs and then distribute the science data received.

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