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#SpaceWatchGL Opinion: Can Sustainability generate profit?

There is gap between the interests of space agencies and private investors toward sustainability. While agencies build their reputation and PR campaigns on the commitment that the sector has towards sustainability – meaning here the use of space technology and data for monitoring the state of the planet- the private sector remains tepid to the entire concept.

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#SpaceWatchGL Opinion: Geopolitics of investing in the space domain – beyond war and peace

With space as a far-reaching domain entangled with Earth issues across many industries, geopolitics affect how global alliances deal with security in orbit and beyond, and how collaborative governance motivates investment: from connectivity to Earth observation to crowded orbits and debris, to energy, space traffic management, space exploration and resources utilization.

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#SpaceWatchGL Opinion: New Space Domain Economics

The global space market size will raise from 340 million USD annual sales to a 1 trillion USD domain in the next two decades. It is projected that the number of people employed in the space industry as a whole will increase to 400,000 in the next few years. This enormous growth could bring some challenges and opportunities, some of which have been openly discussed at the event.

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#SpaceWatchGL Opinion: FT Live Investing In Space – Insights from the SWGL Team

The Financial Times Live conference on Investing in Space was held in London on the 8th and 9th of June 2022, a live and digital conference promoted by the Financial Times focused on the financial and private investors opinion on the space industry. Sponsored by ViaSat and BAE Systems among others, and with the support of ESA and the UK Space agency,

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#SpaceWatchGLThemes : Space Archaeology – In PTScientists’ DNA with the Mission to the Moon

With Mission to the Moon, PTScientists are taking Europe to the Moon. This much anticipated project will be the first private mission to land on the Moon. No pressure then. The PTScientists story began nine years ago, when a team of like-minded engineers entered the Google Lunar XPrize, a competition …

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#SpaceWatchGLThemes : Space Archaeology – Protecting our Heritage: In Space and on Earth

by Helen Jameson, Editor-in-Chief SpaceWatch.Global When humanity pushed its boundaries to the Moon nearly 50 years ago, did anyone really think about what would be left behind long after the astronauts had gone? They came. They saw. They left. However, that is not the case. There is a movement that …

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#SWMEThemes: China’s Space Silk Road and the Middle East – The Israeli Perspective

In Part Five of the SpaceWatch Middle East multi-week theme on China’s Space Silk Road and the Middle East, leading Israeli space scholar Dr. Eytan Tepper provides an Israeli perspective. Dr. Tepper points out that while there is a tremendous amount of mutual opportunity between Israel and China on the …

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#SWMEThemes: China’s Space Silk Road and the Middle East – The Indian Perspective


In Part Four of the SpaceWatch Middle East multi-week theme on China’s Space Silk Road and the Middle East, Dr. Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan of the Observer Research Foundation (ORF) in New Delhi, India, offers an Indian perspective on China’s Space Silk Road, and points out that despite the rhetoric from Beijing, …

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