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D-Orbit welcomes Marubeni as lead investor

D-Orbit satellite orbit insertion vehicle, "ION" to be used for . Credit D-Orbit
Satellite orbit insertion vehicle, “ION” to be used for support services. Credit: D-Orbit

London, 10 November 2023.- D-Orbit, a space logistics and transportation company, and Marubeni Corporation, a Japanese trading and investment business conglomerate, announced on the 9th of November a new investment agreement. Marubeni will take on the role of lead investor in D-Orbit’s Series C funding round. This round will include other Italian, European, and international investors and is expected to exceed a total of 100 million euros.

The Series C funding round will enable the company to strengthen its operations in Italy and globally with a focus on in-orbit servicing, space cloud computing, and orbital transportation.

D-Orbit has said it remains committed to fortifying space sustainability and environmental responsibility. They have pledged to not only deliver orbit insertion and operational support services, but also to expand its offerings to include services such as satellite lifespan extension and space debris removal. 

“Marubeni Corporation is thrilled to embark on this partnership with D-Orbit. This investment underscores our commitment to driving innovation and growth in the satellite industry,” said Toru Okazaki, Chief Operating Officer, Aerospace & Ship Div. of Marubeni Corporation. “Together with D-Orbit, we envision a future where space services are not only technologically advanced but also sustainable. We are excited about the possibilities this collaboration presents and the positive impact it will have on the industry and our shared vision of a more accessible and sustainable space environment.”

Through the partnership D-Orbit anticipates Marubeni’s active support in the company’s growth and expansion. D-Orbit and Marubeni are additionally extending the agency mandate of Marubeni beyond the initial scope limited to Japan and Southeast Asia.

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