ISU MSS 2024

D-Orbit to Build European Responsive Space Systems Architectures

ION satellite carrier. Credit: D-Orbit

Ibadan, 16 February 2024. – D-Orbit has been selected to join the Responsive European Architecture for Space (REACTS) project under the European Defence Fund (EDF) 2022. As part of this innovative collaboration, D-Orbit will focus on the use of orbital transfer vehicles (OTVs) within responsive space systems. REACTS aims to enhance European defense capabilities through a robust, scalable network of Responsive Space Systems (RSS).

The REACTS initiative focuses on rapidly deploying satellites and initiating data delivery within 72 hours. The project, which will last 22 months, encompasses developing a comprehensive architecture that aligns with end-user needs, formulating operational concepts, and charting a roadmap for technical and governance aspects of the RSS network. It also includes analyzing and defining RSS interface standards and designing a software framework to simulate and enhance responsiveness in space operations.

D-Orbit’s involvement in the REACTS project involves a detailed study of the utilization of OTVs in Europe’s future responsive space systems. The study will consequently identify missions requiring OTVs for tasks like reaching specific orbits or distributing satellites across multiple orbits. It will also define OTV requirements, including propulsion needs and payload interfaces, and cover OTV logistics, storage, and ground management.

Speaking about joining REACTS, Stefano Antonetti, D-Orbit’s VP of Business Development, said, “Our participation in REACTS marks a significant milestone in D-Orbit’s journey. This contract offers an opportunity to leverage our expertise in space technology for the advancement of Europe’s strategic interests.” Antonetti also added, “The work on OTVs will not only enhance our capabilities but also strengthen Europe’s position in responsive space systems, ensuring readiness and agility in the face of evolving challenges.”

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