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SES Announces its CEO Steve Collar is Stepping Down

Credit: SES

Ibadan, 13 June 2023. – SES has announced that Steve Collar, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), will be stepping down at the end of June 2023. This is because the CEO is looking to pursue other professional and personal endeavors. The search for a successor is underway, and Ruy Pinto, currently the Chief Technology Officer of SES, will assume the role of CEO until the Company announces a permanent successor.

Frank Esser, Chairman of the SES Board of Directors, said, “We would like to thank Steve for his significant contribution to SES over more than 20 years. As CEO, Steve successfully steered SES, leaving the business in a strong position for the future with a differentiated multi-orbit capability, a world-class set of customer solutions, a simplified and market-centric organization, and a strong balance sheet.”

Esser also added, “I welcome Ruy Pinto, who leads over half of the SES workforce today and has substantial industry experience, as we address the challenges and capture further opportunities in the marketThe Board has full confidence in Ruy and our management’s engagement on continued strong execution as we embark on a new phase of success for SES.”

Likewise, Steve Collar commented, “SES has been the benchmark in the industry for decades, and I leave the company as its leader and go back to being a huge supporter, admirer, and fan and will be cheering Ruy and the Management Team on from the sidelines.”

Similarly, Ruy Pinto commented, “I am glad to be leading SES and working with our teams around the world through a transition period, progressing SES into a phase where we will continue to grow on a strong value creation trajectory for our stakeholders, executing strongly, simplifying our business and optimizing our cost base.”

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