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HPS Joins Net Zero Space Initiative for Space-Tech Innovation

HPS’ ADEO sail for ESA. Credit: HPS

Ibadan, 13 June 2023. – HPS GmbH has announced its membership in the Net Zero Space Initiative, a global movement dedicated to supporting sustainable practices and innovations in space.

The Net Zero Space Initiative brings together industry leaders, organizations, and experts from various sectors to collaborate on finding concrete solutions to combat space debris. As a result, it aims to preserve not only the economic and scientific benefits of outer space but also its strategic potential in addressing urgent challenges such as climate change. By joining this network, the Company reaffirms its commitment to environmental stewardship and especially to the sustainable development of space infrastructures.

As a member of the Zero Space Initiative, the Company will actively contribute to the collective efforts to develop sustainable technologies and practices across its operations. The company will also leverage its political and industrial network expertise to drive transformative change.

“We feel that as a part of the Net Zero Space Initiative, we are with the right people,” said Dr. Ernst K. Pfeiffer, CEO of HPS. “At HPS, we believe that sustainability is both a responsibility and an opportunity for innovation. By collaborating with the Net Zero Space Initiative, we can amplify our efforts in developing and implementing sustainable solutions, contributing to a “greener” future in space and for our planet.”

As an advocate for sustainability, HPS GmbH Germany, as well as its affiliate HPS S.R.L. Romania, remain committed to driving positive change through its products, services, and operations. The company’s Net Zero Space Initiative membership represents a significant milestone in its sustainability journey.

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