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Synspective and GCRS Partner for Satellite-Based Risk Analysis Solutions

Credit: Synspective

Ibadan, 15 November 2022. – Synspective, a synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellite data and solutions provider, has announced a new partnership for SAR-based analysis with Geo Climate Risk  Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (GCRS), a solution provider, consultancy, and advisory services firm. The SAR-based analysis is for the critical infrastructure and mining industries in India and South Asia.

Under this partnership, GCRS and Synspective will provide risk analysis solutions for critical infrastructure and mining industries to accelerate net-zero initiatives in the region. Also, GCRS will apply Synspective’s SAR satellite data to evaluate and map land subsidence/displacement along critical infrastructure systems and assets, including hydrocarbon and water pipelines, roads, and railway corridors. The two companies will pursue opportunities to estimate ground biomass using SAR data as well as develop near real-time predictive models to monitor floods and landslides.

G Prasad Babu, founder and CEO of Geo Climate Risk Solutions Pvt. Ltd., noted that “ the partnership with Synspective focuses on infusing SAR technologies into our risk analytics solutions to provide resilient and sustainable solutions for critical infrastructure integrity, carbon off setting and disaster risk reduction. We will become global leaders in providing blended and innovative models.”

Likewise, Dr. Motoyuki Arai of Synspective added that combining its SAR solutions with GCRS’ expertise and knowledge “is truly the perfect match allowing us to enhance our offering to India and South Asia.” Dr. Arai expressed Synspective’s belief that the partnership will bring many benefits to its clients across various industries, including utilities, mining, and rail.  He also noted that the partnership would help contribute to building more resilient and sustainable communities in the target areas.

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