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Australian Government grants US $20 million for space manufacturing hub

Hyper Factory. Credit: Fleet Space Technologies

Edinburgh / Adelaide, 3 March 2022. – Fleet Space Technologies announced that the Australian Government has committed US $20 million to the development of the Space Manufacturing Hub in Adelaide, South Australia. The funding is in addition to the US $14.6 million the Government of South Australia and a consortium of space, aerospace and advanced air mobility companies have already committed.

The site will support the growth of Fleet Space with a total of 221 jobs created in the sector. The Hub will create a common user facility in support of Australia’s space ecosystem. It will provide the provisions to design, manufacture, test and launch spacecraft and their components.

The Hyper Factory built by Fleet will utilize local robotics and automation capabilities. The company will design, engineer and manufacture its Alpha small satellite constellation here with beamforming antennas and electronics.

The Australian Space Park, in which the Hyper Factory is being built, will host four companies: Fleet Space, Q-CTRL, ATSpace and Alauda Aeronautics. The purpose-built facility will focus on collaboration and the production of small satellites, payloads, and rockets, while supporting technical systems.

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