GSTC 2023

ADISCA to become Australia’s sovereign space defence solution

ADISCA logo. Credit: ADISCA

Edinburgh, 3 March 2022. – ADISCA (Australian Defence Industry Space Capability Alliance), a collaboration of eight Australian-owned space and defence companies will debut at the 13th Australian Space Forum in Adelaide, South Australia.

ADISCA members include DEWC Systems, Gilmour Space Technologies, Inovor Technologies, Neumann Space, Nova Systems, Southern Launch, REDARC Defence Systems, and Space Machines Company. These companies will cooperate to deliver on all defence’s sovereign industry capability priorities for space. 

ADISCA provides a range of capabilities to its members such as payload, launch and space vehicle design and manufacturing. In-space propulsion and transportation, launch- and mission control services supporting commercial, civil and defence sectors are also among the collaboration’s competencies.

The Australian Government has committed billions to boost the country’s defence capabilities with a major focus on sovereign space technologies. ADISCA is the Australian space industry’s answer to the call to serve and protect national interests. 

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