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Fleet Space Partners with Australia’s Defense Space Command

Fleet Space
Credit: Fleet Space

Ibadan, 20 April 2023. – Fleet Space Technologies has signed an AUD$6.4 million contract with Australia’s Defense Space Command, marking their first defense contract. The agreement will see Fleet’s next-generation of Centauri satellites which it used to develop and demonstrate a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite communications system focus on tactical communications and data transmission where connectivity is limited.

The program, ASCEND2LEO, will leverage Fleet’s commercial satellites. This consequently results in a collaboration between Government, the defense industry, and academia. Furthermore, Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG), Fleet Space Technologies, University of South Australia, Rice Satcom Pty Ltd, and SmartSat CRC are taking advanced research and technologies to demonstrate LEO capabilities to the war fighter. This innovative approach enables Defence to leverage modern commercial space technology with the most up-to-date research to advance space capabilities rapidly.

Colonel Clifford White, Director of Space Services at Defence Space Command, commented on the partnership: “Australia is fortunate to have a talented space industry with an inventive spirit. Space is operationally critical to the achievement of the Defence mission, and this is an example of an innovative way to advance our capability and support the development of a sustainable national space enterprise.” Colonel White also added, “We look forward to working with Fleet Space as they bring new approaches to enhance satellite communication capabilities to meet Defence’s needs.”

Fleet Space’s AUD$6.4 million contract with Australia’s Defence Space Command marks the company’s first foray into the defense sector. As a result, this partnership aims to advance the domestically-led national space and defense industry by utilizing Australia’s competitive strengths.

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