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Space Cafe Radio – on tour in Oslo – with Christian Hauglie-Hanssen

In this Space Café Radio - SpaceWatch.Global publisher Torsten Kriening spoke with Christian Hauglie-Hanssen, Director General of the Norwegian Space Agency, they spoke at this year's Spaceport Norway event held in Oslo, from the 25th to the 26th of October 2022. This event was a great example of combining national innovation power and global space economy into one location. Christian Hauglie-Hanssen spoke with Torsten about the upcoming ministerial conference and the challenges that brings as well as the need of Norway and its space programs when it comes to space and security. Tune in to hear more!

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Lynk to Begin Commercial Services in 2023

Lynk CEO Charles Miller has announced that the mobile network technology company will begin its commercial services in early 2023 after receiving the "first commercial license" from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).  Miller made the disclosure during a panel session at the ongoing 3-day international forum on Connecting the World from the Skies

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The Space Café Podcast #67 – Dr. Thomas Zurbuchen – NASA’s Science Mission director

The Space Café Podcast #67: Thomas Zurbuchen - NASA’s Science Mission director Thomas Zurbuchen is one of NASA's most successful science directors of all time. After 6 years in office, he looks back on an outstanding career and gives insights into the future of NASA. 

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