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The Space Café Podcast #104: Bianca Lins: Small Nation, Big Impact. Liechtenstein’s Cosmic Aspirations in a divided world

SpaceWatch.Global is pleased to present: The Space Café Podcast #104: Bianca Lins: Small Nation, Big Impact. Liechtenstein’s Cosmic Aspirations in a divided world

Episode 104 features special guest:  Bianca Lins

Join Markus in an engaging episode of the Space Cafe Podcast, where he converses with Bianca Lins, an Austrian who has intricately woven her life into the fabric of one of the world’s smallest yet remarkably influential countries in the space sector, Liechtenstein. Bianca shares her unique perspective on space law, Liechtenstein’s history with the Apollo missions, and how even the tiniest nations can have a stellar impact on global space policy.

Key Topics Covered:

·       🔹 Liechtenstein’s surprising contributions to space exploration.

·       🔹 The evolution of space law and the role of small nations.

·       🔹 Liechtenstein’s pioneering steps towards regulating space activities.

·       🔹 The fascinating intersection of geography, sovereignty, and cosmic destiny.

·       🔹 How Liechtenstein’s size has influenced its approach to space policy.

Memorable Quotes:

·       “Liechtenstein may be small, but its reach into the stars is vast and determined.”

·       “Every small step in space law is a giant leap for a nation like ours.”

Must-Click Links:

·       🔹Official Site for Liechtenstein in Space

·       🔹On the authorization of space activities and the registration of space objects 

·       🔹On the Authorization of Space Activities and the Registration of Space Objects

Featured Music:

·       🔹 “Sweet Child o Mine” by Guns n Roses, is Bianca’s choice of music for a potential travel to the stars.

Follow Our Journey:

·       🌌 Host: Markus Mooslechner

·       🌌 Guest: Bianca Lins

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