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2023-06 FT-Invest in Space

#SpaceWatchGL Opinion: FT Live Investing In Space 2023 – Insights from the SWGL Team

Like last year, the SpaceWatch.Global newsroom has gathered together to analyse  the Financial Time Investing In Space 2023 Summit, held in London on the 5th and 6th of June 2023. The second Summit kept the format of the inaugural one, with a mixed audience of venture capitalists, space experts, space industrials, and agency representatives. We observed a few leitmotifs seen during the first edition, like the importance every year some speaker gives to find a better name for the Space industry

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FT Live Investing in Space – Day 2- Interview with Sebastian Stroehl

On the day 2 of FT Live Investing in Space Event in London, SpaceWatch.Global Editor in Chief Dr Emma Gatti spoke with Sebastian Stroehl of UNIO Enterprise about their coming soon second round of investments, the link between the automotive sector and Space, and the need of the space startups to assess investment risks correctly

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FT Live Investing in Space – Interview with Dr Josef Aschbacher

On the first day of the FT Live Event Investing in Space, SpaceWatch.Global CEO Torsten Kriening had the chance talking with European Space Agencys Director General, Dr. Josef Aschbacher about the status of commercialization at ESA, lessons learned from NASA and “why space is an area to invest?”

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