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SkyServe Partners Loft Orbital for Mission Denali

Credit: SkyServe

Ibadan, 20 March 2024. – SkyServe has announced a partnership with Loft Orbital towards Mission Denali to deploy SkyServe STORM, its in-space edge computing platform, on YAM-6. As a result, Mission Denali will leverage Sensing and Compute Resources on YAM-6 to deliver insights from space. By processing multispectral and hyperspectral data in real-time, SkyServe STORM aims to define the paradigm of space-based data processing, delivering insights processed from the edge.

SkyServe aims to empower solution providers and core industries with software infrastructure to deliver real-time insights from space. To this end, STORM will deploy customers’ AI models on the edge, leveraging Loft’s satellites to deliver on-demand predictions for wildfire tracking, irrigation, mining logistics, maritime surveillance, energy, utilities, and carbon monitoring. By deploying AI models onboard STORM, analytics providers can consequently accelerate their access to space data and process information in real time at scale.

Loft is pivotal to SkyServe’s mission and will provide space infrastructure and sensor data to power their platform. While many space companies are constrained to the traditional process of designing, building, integrating, testing, launching, and operating a satellite, Loft manages this challenging, capital-intensive process so customers can directly access the data they need. SkyServe STORM will, therefore leverage Loft’s compute resources and sensing capabilities, including multispectral, hyperspectral, and RF sensors.

On-demand information from space has prompted the need for a reliable partner in space operations, and SkyServe is proud to work with Loft to provide the essential space infrastructure and multi-sensor data for its ambitious goal of building critical value for geospatial developers. In the coming months, SkyServe will enable geospatial companies to push their AI models to space in a snap. It will help them process and feed multi-sensor data into their models onboard.

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