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Intelsat Partners Eutelsat for Advanced Service Capabilities

Intelsat 40e satellite. Credit Intelsat
Intelsat 40e satellite. Credit Intelsat

Ibadan, 20 March 2024. – Intelsat has announced a strategic advance in its service capabilities through an expanded partnership with Eutelsat Group related to its OneWeb low-earth orbit (LEO) constellation.

The deal is a significant development for multi-orbit satellite connectivity solutions and positions Intelsat at the forefront of the next wave in global connectivity. The arrangement provides a commitment of $250 million for LEO service over the first six years, with an option for an additional $250 million. This agreement will consequently increase and further integrate LEO capabilities into Intelsat’s solutions offerings across its current and future customer base.

Furthermore, as part of the partnership, Intelsat will cooperate with Eutelsat in the development of its Next Generation OneWeb constellation – providing direct design and functionality input to help ensure that the new constellation will have the capabilities to meet real-world customer needs going forward.

Speaking on the partnership, Dave Wajsgras, CEO of Intelsat, said, “We’ve been partnering with Eutelsat for quite some time now, leveraging its OneWeb LEO constellation to offer a multi-orbit solution, primarily in commercial aviation. We’re now seeing so many additional opportunities for customers to benefit from multi-orbit solutions.” The CEO also added, “We believe it’s in Intelsat’s interests, Eutelsat’s interests, and our customers’ interests for us to expand the partnership that’s already in place – one that is working well and has strong demand.”

Likewise, Eva Berneke, Chief Executive Officer of Eutelsat Group, said, “This expanded partnership with Intelsat represents a strong vote of confidence in the capabilities of the OneWeb constellation, today and well into the future, and it showcases the necessity in today’s world for major satellite operators to have the ability to offer multi-orbit solutions to their customers.”

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