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Strategic Framework Andoya – live now

We are living in a time of extraordinary change. New technologies and industries are increasingly combining with our traditional ways of living. Can the emerging New Space industry in Andøy become a key economic catalyst for Norway? And crucially, how can this high-tech industry be well-integrated into Andøy to help deliver wider sustainable value for the region and the nation?

Nordland County Municipality, Andøy Municipality and Innovation Norway are pleased to share the Strategic Framework Andøy – The Place for Space – a vision and high-level plan for Andøy for the next 30 years. Undertaken over the past 9 months, this initial commission now comes to a close, with the focus shifting to the local, regional and national stakeholders who will continue to take this work forward. Please do join us to hear the conclusions of the framework and to take part in the discussions of what comes next!

On the 4th Oct 2023 the Strategic Framework Andoya, Norway, will give an update on the spaceport development. The Place for Space will show the current development and the development plans for the spaceport Andoya, the region, Norway, and Europe.


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