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Andoya – Strategic Framework 2023 – Day one review by Torsten Kriening

On the 4th Oct 2023 the Strategic Framework Andoya, Norway, gave an update on the opportunities of the spaceport development. The Place for Space showed the current development and the development plans for the spaceport Andoya, the region, Norway, and Europe. SpaceWatch.Global’s Torsten Kriening was invited to Andoya and gives his review of the event.

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ESA and NASA join forces to land Europe’s rover on Mars

ESA and NASA have signed a new Memorandum of Understanding to formalize the provision of key elements for the Rosalind Franklin rover mission. The space Agencies are consolidating their cooperation on the ExoMars Rosalind Franklin mission with an agreement that ensures important US contributions, such as the launch service, elements of the propulsion system needed for landing on Mars and heater units for the Rosalind Franklin rover. Furthermore, ESA is working to launch its most ambitious exploration mission to search for past and present signs of life on Mars in 2028.