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Hisdesat Partners NATO for Uncrewed Maritime Exercise

SpainSatCredit: Hisdesat

Ibadan, 9 October 2023 – Hisdesat, the Spanish governmental satellite services provider of defense, security and intelligence, has provided secure satellite communications for the Dynamic Messenger-23 exercise. The exercise is an annual NATO exercise that aims to assess the ability of allied naval forces to integrate uncrewed systems in maritime operations.

During the exercise, held at the Maritime Operational Experimentation Center (CEOM) on the Troia Peninsula (Portugal), Hisdesat provided managed satellite connectivity services to connect the Spanish Navy’s Maritime Action Ship (BAM) Furor (P-46) with the advanced
tactical integration system for uncrewed vehicles deployed ashore by the company Navantia.

This service allowed the Spanish Navy to transmit the data from the four uncrewed vehicles participating in the exercise in real-time from the BAM Furor to the Land Operations Center. This consequently facilitated monitoring operations from land and uploading the information to the exercise’s joint C2 network, including imagery, real-time video and sensor data.

In addition, Hisdesat installed a small tactical terminal in the Ground Operations Center, allowing secure and reliable communications from the Furor ship to the Operations Center. As a result, there was no need for third-party communications networks that could compromise the security and availability of the information.

“We are proud to have participated in the Dynamic Messenger-23 exercise, and we would like to thank the Spanish Navy for the opportunity to be here,” said Miguel Angel Redondo, Hisdesat’s Business Development Director. “Our secure and reliable satellite communications have been essential to the success of the exercise.”

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