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Astrolight Joins DIANA to Accelerate Innovation in Defense Tech

Credit: Astrolight

Ibadan, 7 March 2024. – Astrolight, a technology company dedicated to facilitating space-to-Earth and ship-to-ship laser communications, has joined the Defence Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic (DIANA). This collaboration marks a significant achievement for Astrolight as it seeks to contribute to NATO’s defense initiatives and advance its dual-use laser communication technology in the defense sector.

Astrolight specializes in free space optical communication, a secure and high-bandwidth communications technology that enables two distant objects to communicate using laser beams. Leveraging the optical spectrum’s significantly higher frequency, Astrolight’s space-to-ground laser communication terminals ATLAS offer enhanced security, reliability, and speed compared to traditional radio frequency systems.

As part of the partnership with DIANA, Astrolight will collaborate with NATO and other defense stakeholders to adapt its laser communication terminals for terrestrial applications. This collaboration will consequently enable Astrolight to utilize its dual-use technology further, expand its product portfolio, and tap into new markets within the defense industry. Furthermore, the focus will be on facilitating tactical communication between navy ships.

Speaking about joining DIANA, Laurynas Mačiulis, Astrolight co-founder and CEO, said, “As a commercial company specializing in the development of dual-use telecommunications technology, our partnership with NATO DIANA is pivotal in transitioning our expertise into the defense sector.” The CEO also added, “Participation in DIANA’s program involves guiding us through defense-specific requirements and facilitating our understanding of the nuances associated with this market.”

The company plans to finish certifying its prototype space-to-Earth laser communication terminal ATLAS-1 this year, with an in-orbit demonstration mission scheduled for early 2025. Furthermore, it plans to develop a product for optical communication between ships so that they can communicate without using conventional radio systems.

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