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SpAARC to Receive Additional Funding from WA Government

SpAARC. Credit: Fugro

Ibadan, 24 October 2023. – Fugro’s Space Automation, AI and Robotics Control Complex (SpAARC) in Perth, Western Australia (WA), will receive an additional AUD 5 million in funding from the WA Government. Roger Cook, the WA Premier, made the announcement at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Perth on the morning of the opening of IPSEC 2023, Perth’s Indo-Pacific Space and Earth Conference for leaders in space and cross-sector technologies.

This additional funding aims to bolster Fugro SpAARC’s claim as an international hub for space activities and will boost both WA’s and Fugro’s capacity for space mission operations. Furthermore, the funding will strengthen existing partnerships while also developing a local pipeline of experts who will contribute to SpAARC’s world-class capabilities. This will consequently ensure Fugro remains in an ideal position to support future space exploration.

The WA Premier, Roger Cook, said: “WA Government is seizing the opportunity to transform WA into a global hub for space and technology hub that attracts the best and brightest talent and accelerates the diversification of our economy. Leveraging WA’s high-tech robotics and remote operations sector, Fugro SpAARC will capitalize on our significant space infrastructure and capabilities to position WA as the Southern Hemisphere’s global hub for space operations and exploration.”

Similarly, SpAARC’s Director, Fugro’s Sam Forbes, said: “Space has always been a hotbed of innovation in robotics, automation and harsh-environment operations. This additional support significantly improves our ability to lead in this dynamic field while also furthering the unique remote and autonomous capabilities we’re working on at SpAARC and more widely within Fugro.”

This exciting announcement follows Fugro’s recently publicized involvement in the WA Government-supported AROSE consortium for Stage 1 of the Trailblazer mission, delivered in partnership with the Australian Space Agency (ASA) and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

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