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WSBW 2023 – Interview with Dr. David Krejci of Enpulsion

We’re excited to share our exclusive new interview with Dr. David Krejci, Chief Science Officer at ENPULSION, from the World Satellite Business Week 2023 in Paris. ENPULSION is pioneering advanced electric propulsion solutions for the space industry.

In our wide-ranging conversation, Dr. Krejci discussed ENPULSION’s recent milestones, next generation products, and how their technology has evolved over the past 6 years. He also provided an inside look at upcoming missions that will utilize ENPULSION systems.

Throughout the discussion, Dr. Krejci’s passion for innovative solutions that enable ambitious space missions shone through. Listen to the full interview below for on more details on ENPULSION’s revolutionary technology that is driving the future of space technology.

We’re proud to share these exciting updates direct from the World Satellite Business Week 2023, in collaboration with Euroconsult. This exclusive interview provides unique insights into the innovations powering the NewSpace industry today.

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