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Euroconsult Partners with MTCIT for Middle East Conference

Credit: Euroconsult

Ibadan, 18 September 2023. – Euroconsult, a space and satellite strategy consulting and market intelligence firm in collaboration with The Ministry of Transport, Communications, and Information Technology of Oman (MTCIT), have announced that it will hold a conference to promote space in the Middle East. The conference will also highlight the country’s role as a strategic gateway for attracting investments in space applications and technologies into the region. In addition, it will run from January 8th-10th next year.

Topics of discussion will focus on key issues for the development of the space sector in the Middle East, including space strategies, the space sector’s financing, market trends and opportunities across the space industry, satellite communications, Earth observation, and more. In addition, the conference features an exhibition dedicated to local and global companies specializing specifically in space technologies and sciences, with the aim of attracting investment, establishing new business partnerships through networking, and raising awareness of technological developments occurring throughout the sector.

His Excellency Dr. Ali bin Amur Al-Shidhani, Undersecretary for Communications and Information Technology at MCTIT, stated, “By organizing this event, the Ministry aims to achieve many goals, the most prominent of which is strengthening the position of the Sultanate in the sector and placing it on the global and regional space map due to the country’s competitive advantages and elements that would add value to the space industry. This conference aims to raise awareness among the international space community about the regional space sector. It is a unique platform for all partners from the Government and the industry to communicate directly and establish areas for collaboration.”

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