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WSBW 2023 – Interview with Omar Qaise of OQ Technology

We’re thrilled to share an exclusive interview with Omar Qaise, Founder and CEO of OQ Technology, from World Satellite Business Week 2023 in Paris. Our wide-ranging discussion provides key insights into OQ Tech’s upcoming launch of the MACSAT satellite in late September – Omar Qaise  outlines the significance of this milestone. He also unveils the company’s strategic vision and growth strategy for the next few years, giving us an inside look at their expansion plans for 2023 and beyond. Additionally, he emphasizes the importance of key partnerships at this stage in OQ Tech’s development, highlighting collaborations with organizations like Aramco. Throughout the interview, his passion for the future of the NewSpace industry shines through. Listen to the full exclusive interview and more insights from our on-the-ground coverage of World Satellite Business Week 2023 in Paris, in collaboration with Euroconsult. The space ecosystem continues to thrive!

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The Exploration Company, a European commercial space company that is developing, manufacturing, and operating a reusable space capsule called 'Nyx,' and Axiom Space, architect of Axiom Station, the first commercial space station, announced that they have signed a cargo service pre-booking agreement. In addition, the agreement is the first time a European space capsule has been chosen by a commercial space company to develop cargo transportation services from Earth to Space and back to Earth.