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SDA Appoints Erika Rossetto and Lorenzo Arona as Directors

Credit: SDA

Ibadan, 2 August 2023. – The Space Data Association (SDA) has appointed Erika Rossetto of Embratel StarOne and Lorenzo Arona of Avanti Communications as Standard Member Directors. This is the second consecutive term for Rossetto, while Arona is returning after holding the position from 2019 to 2021.

Rossetto has extensive knowledge within flight dynamics and has led Embratel StarOne’s Flight Dynamics team for over 13 years. On the other hand, Arona has more than 15 years of experience in satellite operations, first at the European Space Agency, where he worked on interplanetary probes like Rosetta and Venus Express, then at Avanti Communications.

Erika Rossetto, Manager of Flight Dynamics, Embratel StarOne and Standard Member Director, SDA, commented: “There is great value in the work that the Space Data Association is doing, helping to enable a safer space environment. While the board has achieved a lot, the entire board recognises that there is still more to do and I’m happy to be a part of making that happen.”

Likewise, Lorenzo Arona, Senior Manager, Flight Dynamics, Avanti Communications, and Standard Member Director, SDA, added: “As well as providing real and accurate data to improve space safety, the Space Data Association is actively working to generate wider awareness of the issues it’s facing and encourage participation from across the industry. These are all things that align well with both my personal aspirations and those of Avanti.”

The SDA is an international organization that brings together satellite operators to support the controlled, reliable, and efficient sharing of data critical to the safety and integrity of the space environment.

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