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Planet Acquires Sinergise to Further EO Data Ambitions

PlanetScope image of agricultural fields in Vipava Valley. Credit: Planet

Ibadan, 17 August 2023. – Planet has acquired Sinergise, including Sentinel Hub, marking a significant step forward in its mission to make Earth observation (EO) data more accessible and impactful. The Company also welcomes Sentinel Hub users to its community and is eager to accelerate investment in Europe, the development of EO data applications, and solutions for the planet.

Sentinel Hub will continue to operate as usual, including the ability for users to sign up for free accounts. In the future, customers can also expect expanded data sets and capabilities beyond what is currently available. Planet has an active community of users, including those in its Education and Research and NICFI programs, and it looks forward to welcoming the Sentinel Hub community into its community.

With Sentinel Hub now a part of Planet, two core pieces of the Company’s product strategy – Planetary Variables and the Earth Data Platform – are now in Europe. Planet has also established meaningful business relationships with European companies and startups, such as BASF, EOMap, and LiveEO. Furthermore, it enjoys support from Government programs and agencies, including NICFI, the Welsh Government, and Germany’s BKG.

Planet will continue to support Sinergise’s open-source posture, including projects like eo-learn, and contribute to the digital public good with REDD+, Carbon Mapper, and The Allen Coral Atlas. As the world faces increasingly complex challenges, accessible and actionable EO data has become more critical. As a result, the Company commits to democratizing access to its data and, in line with its North Star vision, to build its Earth Data Platform.

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