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Virgin Galactic Announces Crew for Galactic 02 Mission

Virgin Galactic
Galactic 02 Crew. Credit: Virgin Galactic

Ibadan, 18 July 2023. – Virgin Galactic Holdings, Inc. has announced the crew of its seventh spaceflight and second commercial spaceflight, ‘Galactic 02,’ which will fly three private passengers to space, achieving several historical milestones and furthering the Company’s mission of broadening access to space

VSS Unity will carry 80-year-old Jon Goodwin, Olympian, and early Virgin Galactic ticket holder, as well as Keisha Schahaff and Anastatia Mayers, a Caribbean mother-daughter duo who won their seats in a draw that raised funds for non-profit Space for Humanity. The dynamic and multi-national crew highlights the role the commercial space industry can play in removing barriers that once existed to becoming an astronaut.

To date, fewer than 700 people have traveled to space, with little diversity among that group. Virgin Galactic’s mission is to change that – beginning with an 800-strong Future Astronaut community that represents more than 60 different nations.

Michael Colglazier, CEO of Virgin Galactic, said, “This flight highlights two of Virgin Galactic’s core aspirations – increasing access to space and inspiring people around the world. Each of these astronauts is a role model and beacon of inspiration in their communities. Watching Keisha, Ana, and Jon embark on this transformative experience helps demonstrate that space is now opening to a broader and more diverse population across the globe.”

The ‘Galactic 02’ mission will also achieve historical milestones, showcasing the power of each Virgin Galactic spaceflight to help redefine who gets to be an astronaut. As such, the VSS Unity will fly; the first astronauts from the Caribbean; the first mother-daughter duo to go to space; and the first Olympian to go to space, among others.

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