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Spreckley Launches the Spreckley Startup Growth Hub

Spreckley logo. Credit: Spreckley.

Ibadan, 19 July 2023. – Independent B2B PR firm Spreckley has announced the launch of the Spreckley Startup Growth Hub. It will be a full, integrated suite of marketing and PR services that will support ambitious startup founders to reach the next level of growth with powerful storytelling and lead-generating digital marketing. Furthermore, the Spreckley Startup Growth Hub aims to become the go-to partner for startups looking to gain a competitive edge.

The Spreckley Startup Growth Hub comprises a highly experienced team of experts, each of whom is a specialist in specific disciplines and understands the challenges of scaling a business at every level. With 40 years of experience and the dynamism of a startup at the heart of its own culture, the Startup Growth Hub provides holistic and strategic marketing support, so founders no longer need to spend time and money searching for what and who they need.

Speaking on the project, Roxanne Kingsman, Director at Spreckley, said, “Sourcing and managing multiple agencies or freelancers take time that founders don’t have. Our agile and direct approach gives founders a knowledgeable, transparent, collaborative, and candid steer on where to prioritize marketing efforts, saving them time, money, and stress. Peace of mind is invaluable when it’s your own business!”

Likewise, Richard Merrin, CEO of Spreckley, said, “The Spreckley Startup Growth Hub offers a transparent and consultative approach to help founders find their way out of the woods of growth marketing and get them started with the right marketing, at the right time, at a reasonable budget. While many startups look to invest in PR and marketing agencies post-funding series, the reality is that the most impactful marketing can start at inception.”

Spreckley is also a member of the GlobalCom and Space Communications Alliance.

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