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White House OSTP Releases Priorities for National Aeronautics

The White House
Credit: The White House

Ibadan, 21 March 2023. – The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) has released the Biden-Harris Administration’s priorities to advance a vision for America’s continued global leadership in aeronautics. Federal aeronautics experts developed the National Aeronautics Science and Technology Priorities with input from leaders across academia, non-profit, and commercial sectors.

The priorities outline activities to maintain the nation’s edge, both in the global aeronautics industry and in national security applications, which requires focus and investment today. Furthermore, the National Aeronautics Science and Technology Priorities identifies three key priority areas essential to U.S. leadership in tomorrow’s industry. They include:

  • Achieving sustainable aviation: The Administration commits to reducing and eventually eliminating aeronautics’ climate impact and achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. This includes implementing the U.S. Aviation Climate Action Plan and the Climate Adaptation Plans across the Federal Government.
  • Transforming the national airspace system: The Administration commits to transforming aviation in urban and rural communities, creating new industries and jobs. This includes transitioning from legacy technologies and integrating modern and emerging technologies, including drones and Advanced Air Mobility aircraft, into the national airspace system.
  • Promoting connectivity and speed: The Administration commits to exploring new technologies that will enhance global connectivity at greater speed. This includes continued support for research and development of superior aircraft and technologies that emphasize speed, from subsonic through hypersonic technologies.

Additonally, key principles like promoting safety, protecting the environment, advancing economic competitiveness, accelerating innovation, and strengthening national security, will guide the administration and the U.S. aeronautics community to advance these priorities.

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