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Ubotica Cuts Satellite Data Overload with On-Board AI Solution

Ubotica Cloud Density Map. Credit: Ubotica
Ubotica Cloud Density Map. Credit: Ubotica

London, 8 March 2023. – Ubotica Technologies, a Dublin based aerospace company, announced on the 7th of March that the CogniSAT-CRC solution, which maximises Earth Observation asset utilisation using flight proven CogniSAT technology. CogniSAT-CRC uses lossless image compression and a flight-proven AI-based Cloud Detection and Removal algorithm to deliver a six-fold increase in useful data capture per orbit for Earth Observation (EO) satellites to maximise the areas of interest scanned during each orbit.

Due to the increase in complex EO sensors producing more data and the overall increase in satellites flying, there is now a data bottleneck in space. The available downlink capacity is not keeping pace with the data generated and this results in the under-utilisation of these complex EO assets, reducing the system return on investment. CogniSAT-CRC aims to address this challenge by reducing downlink data costs while simultaneously trebling the amount of useful data gathered.

“With an average of 50% cloud coverage across the Earth, it is a huge waste of valuable downlink budget to send cloudy images down to ground stations,” says John Doody, VP Product at Ubotica. “Ubotica developed CogniSAT-CRC to address this opportunity for satellite operators to significantly increase the operational efficiency of their space assets. Our analysis shows satellites designed using CogniSAT-CRC can reduce downlink costs by up to 80%.” 

CogniSAT-CRC will fly on the Ubotica CogniSAT-6 mission announced in November 2022. CogniSAT technology has already been proven in multiple space flown projects with partners in Europe and the USA, including NASA JPL and the European Space Agency (ESA). 

CogniSAT-CRC will be released this year as Engineering and Flight Models. Satellite designers can also access Ubotica’s deep domain expertise to integrate their specific imager sensor with CogniSAT-CRC and to improve operational efficiency by fine tuning the space borne module. In March, Ubotica will exhibit at Paris Space Week and Satellite 2023 in Washington, DC.

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