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EnduroSat and Agenium Partner for Edge AI in Space

Credit: EnduroSat

Ibadan, 8 March 2o23. – EnduroSat and Agenium Space have announced the signature of a Framework Cooperation Agreement, marking their intentions to explore opportunities to develop Edge AI into space. As a result, the Companies will jointly explore collaboration opportunities to implement onboard image processing based on deep neural networks on Micro and NanoSat.

According to Raycho Raychev, Founder and CEO of EnduroSat, the Company is “very happy to initiate our partnership with Agenium. This collaboration offers new prospects for developing machine learning and Edge computing use cases in the orbit and strengthens our position in the small sat market for Earth Observations applications.”

Likewise, Christine Fernandez-Martin, COO at Agenium Space, added, “Agenium is delighted to join forces with EnduroSat, a class-leading player sharing with us the same ambitions to enable new applications for the Earth observation market. With EnduroSat’s unmatched experience in the integration of multiple payloads on a single satellite and Agenium’s disruptive technology, we will create opportunities for successful cooperation across Europe.”

EnduroSat recently also partnered with Vyoma to help improve the safety of satellites in orbit. The partnership gave EnduroSat access to accurate real-time tracking data from a network of ground-based sensors globally. Likewise, Agenium has developed a tool enabling Deep Learning at edge-computing satellite devices. This tool masters the full edge-AI deployment chain from training deep neural networks (DNNs) to running in space. With its innovation, Agenium helps its customers and partners to build edge-AI solutions in space, allowing powerful DNNs to enrich satellite services and open new horizons for intelligence capabilities onboard.

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