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Ubotica Technologies announces new US HQ

Ubotica announces new US headquarters
Ubotica announces new US headquarters. Credit: Ubotica

London, 13 October 2023 – Ubotica Technologies, an Irish space company, announced the formation of a new US corporate entity alongside the opening of its new US headquarters situated within the Ohio Aerospace Institute (OAI).

The new US corporate structure will enable Ubotica Technologies to engage in US government procurement and collaborate in Space AI. The US headquarters being co-located with OAI, a hub for US aerospace research and innovation, will aid Ubotica in their mission, says Aaron Rood, Ubotica’s Senior Director of US Business Development.

Ubotica stated that this move intends to expand the company’s growing commercial and government customer base across the Americas, and deepen its public and private partnerships with NASA and the Defence Industry.

“Our colocation within OAI provides a great opportunity to integrate into an ecosystem at the forefront of space and aerospace innovation”, said Sean Mitchell, Chairman and Chief Commercial Officer at Ubotica. “We are grateful to the Ohio Aerospace Institute for their support and eagerly anticipate future collaborative partnerships.” 

This announcement comes one month after Ubotica formed a partnership with IBM to use its cloud infrastructure and Watson AI, IBM’s flagship natural language processing system. Earlier this year, Ubotica unveiled its latest hardware platform, CogniSat-XE2, which is designed to get AI into orbit through smaller satellites, including miniature cube satellites.

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