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Satcube to Build facility for Satellite Terminals Mass Production

Credit: Satcube

Ibadan, 8 March 2023. – Satcube has announced that it is building a new facility in Karlstad, Sweden, for mass-producing satellite terminals for existing product verticals and new ventures for LEO and vehicular applications. Accordingly, it will complete the new facility on July 1st, with a production timeline tentatively at mid-August. Furthermore, the new facility will replace the existing production facility in Karlstad.

Harnessing core CSR principles and the Company’s benchmark manufacturing approach, the new facility will feature automated and semi-automated production founded on Green Lean Digital and Agile processes. Combining these forward-leaning standards with an increased level of production line automation will enable the Company to quickly scale up manufacturing to accommodate high-volume terminal orders while simultaneously keeping production costs low in a winning scenario for customers and the company’s long-term strategy.

Speaking on the benefits of the new production facility, Jakob Kallmér, CEO of Satcube, said the Company “achieved an impressive 140% increase in revenue from 2021 to 2022 and is already serving major NGOs, media brands, military, and Government agencies. Due to significantly increased demand for Satcube products, we have nearly reached maximum production capacity in existing facilities.

Kallmér also added, “with a nearly three-fold increase in production available at our new facility, Satcube will be able to deliver substantial new volumes while tapping a highly automated production line to shorten the time between order and delivery. The new, highly agile setup will enable Satcube to rapidly and seamlessly establish production of new products and deliver on custom orders with specialized requirements.” Satcube anticipates hiring up to 25 new employees in the next year at the new production facility.


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