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Airbus to provide 42 satellite platforms to Northrop Grumman

Credit: Airbus OneWeb Satellites

Aarhus / Washington, 7 July 2022. – Airbus U.S. Space & Defense has been contracted to assemble, integrate, test, and launch 42 satellite platforms as well as provide space vehicle commissioning support services to Northrop Grumman to satisfy the U.S. Space Development Agency’s (SDA) Tranche 1 Transport Layer prototype constellation (T1TL) award, Airbus said.

The Transport Layer is a critical national security program which will serve as the backbone for SDA’s National Defense Space Architecture. It will provide global assured, resilient, low-latency military data and connectivity to a range of defense applications.

Airbus’ scalable 300-500 kg bus is a modular satellite design based on the flight-proven Arrow platform. It will be capable of providing more power and to accommodate a larger payload. The adaptable spacecraft platform will be assembled using Airbus U.S. and OneWeb’s joint venture, Airbus OneWeb Satellites’ unique production line. This line is currently producing up to two satellites per day and has already delivered over 400 spacecraft for OneWeb.

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